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NACD is looking for panelists for our 2024 in person and virtual events. If you would like to share your message to board members and share your experience on corporate governance issues as a panelist, please fill out the speaker interest form so that we may gather more information. By completing the interest form, you will be added to our 2024 speaker database which we use on a rolling basis to fill our events with appropriate subject matter experts. We will be contacting eligible speakers at various times throughout the year depending on event needs. All speakers in our database are eligible for panelist opportunities through December 2024. We will open enrollment for 2025 by the end of October 2024.

If you have a session idea and would like to lead a development on a session, you can submit a full proposal for our 2024 Call for Proposal program. 

Please note that your nacdonline.org login credential will not work on this external platform.  We advise you to pleaes create an account, log in and submit your application when you are ready. 

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions: Speakerinterest@nacdonline.org.